Royal Sittwe Resort is located at Sittwe beach in Rakhine State, facing the broad sea beach ( Bay of Bengal ). This hotel is only one beach hotel along Sittwe beach and the best place to be while holidays in the city of Sittwe by the sea. The hotel is suitable for all travelers ( business travelers, honeymooners and vacationers).

How to get there?

Royal Sittwe Resort stands on Hotel street in West Sanpya Quarter at Sittwe in the Rakhine State of Myanmar. The hotel is nestled on a beach by the Bay of Bengal. The Sittwe Airport is situated at a driving time of 10 minutes from the location of Royal Sittwe Resort in Sittwe. It is situated at a walking distance about 15 minutes from the harbor as well as the market. The location of the hotel serves as the perfect summer getaway.